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Frequently asked questions
  • question_answerWhat is KYC Center?

    KYC Center is an online system that allows individuals and legal entities to undergo verification procedures and obtain a personal KYC-code by providing personal data through the website www.kyc-center.com.

  • question_answerWhat the KYC-code is needed for?

    KYC-code - is a unique personal code generated by the KYC Center system that is issued to a person who has passed the verification procedure in the KYC Center system. KYC-code allows the client to connect to the services of business partners without going through the verification procedure again.

  • question_answerHow does the KYC-code work?

    For each client, the KYC Center system generates a one-time personal KYC-code which expires after activation procedure by the business partner service.

  • question_answerWho can become a client of KYC Center?

    Any natural or legal person who successfully undergoes the procedure of verification of personality in the KYC Center system can become a client of KYC Center and receive a personal unique KYC-code.

  • question_answerWho is a business partner?

    A business partner is a legal entity which has signed an agreement on access to the database and the program interface of the KYC-Center system and obtained the right to identify the customer on the basis of the client's transmitted KYC-code.

  • question_answerWhat is identity verification?

    This is the procedure for establishing/confirming the identity of the customer and determining his level of risk in the KYC Center system in accordance with the requirements established by the Directive of the European Parliament and the Council No. 2015/849 adopted on 15 May 2015. The procedure for verification of identity in the KYC Center system is carried out on the basis of the personal data provided by the client

  • question_answerWhat data does the KYC Center request?

    To successfully pass verification and obtain KYC-code, the person must provide the following data:

    Natural person

    1. Name, surname
    2. Personal code or date of birth
    3. Identity document
    4. Contact details
    5. Data on the final beneficiary
    6. Country and city of residence
    7. Photo/Selfie

    Legal Entity

    1. Company name
    2. Registration code or registration date of the company
    3. Country of incorporation
    4. Extract from the commercial register
    5. Company contact information
    6. Name, last name of the representative and his contact details
    7. Data on the owners and ultimate beneficiaries of the legal entity
    8. Field of commercial activity

    In addition to the personal data mentioned above, KYC Center reserves the right to request additional data necessary for verification from individuals and representatives of legal entities. KYC Center has the right to verify the reliability of the submitted data and documents through public sources.